Dear Hub Host,

This guide is designed to support your efforts in organizing hubs during the Transforming Capitalism Lab (TCL).

TCL is an 18 month journey that offers opportunities for you and your network to:

  • Get Inspired by monthly live sessions and interesting case studies.
  • Connect and practice with others across the world in Hubs and Community Cafés
  • Engage in action in your own context.

You can find all information about the Transforming Capitalism Lab on Presencing.org.

Co-created Guide

If you are organizing a hub, the guide offers ideas and materials for how to engage the participants in your hub and how to incorporate some of the tools and practices from the Lab.

It aims to provide support that is useful across a wide range of experiences and backgrounds and is ultimately meant to serve as a resource to you. Use whatever serves your specific situation best. Presencing Institute facilitators will also offer hub-host support and guidance in monthly calls.

This guide has been adapted from the u.lab 1x-hub host guide (Leading From the Emerging Future) and draws from the collective experience of hub hosts around the world.

With gratitude for your support and energy in making TCL a global and local experience!!

The Transforming Capitalism Lab launched in April 2018.

Check presencing.org/#transforming-capitalism-lab for more detail.

Questions or ideas? Send us an email: [email protected]

Questions about hosting a hub? Contact us at: [email protected]

It’s easier to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism. Frederic Jameson

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