Dear Hub Host,

This guide intends to support your efforts in organizing hubs during u.lab which brings together thousands of participants from around the world for experiential learning journeys. U.lab started as a 3 month course and by now we developed different a yearly cycle (u.lab 1x and u.lab-s). The hubs are growing in variety while they find their own way in using our online programs as a vehicle for change.

The u.lab experience is different from most online programs. Hubs offer face-to-face learning and opportunities for practical applications to participants. Taking elements of the course and using this as an opportunity to connect and explore the field in which they run. As a hub host, you will play a key role in helping local change-makers, organizations, and/or communities meet, learn, network, and co-create together.

Co-created Guide

If you are organizing a hub, this guide offers ideas and materials for how to engage the participants in your hub and incorporate the materials from the edX course and the Presencing Institute-site. It aims to provide support that is useful across a wide range of experiences and backgrounds and is ultimately meant to serve as a resource to you. Use whatever serves your specific situation best.

This guide has been adapted from our original guide and draws from the collective experience of hub hosts around the world.

With gratitude for your support and energy in making u.lab a global and local experience!

The u.lab Hub Host Team

You can reach us at ulabhubhosts@presencing.com

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